NFC Solutions

Here you can find special NFC products specifically realized for business solutions based on NFC technology.


Door handle with NFC lock

390.00 €

Thanks to a width of only 38 mm, this handle can be easily applied to almost any type of door. It can be unlocked with any ISO 14443-A tag, or via Bluetooth.

Jobs Timer - Attendance tracking

24.00 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 18.00 €/pz. for 20 pieces

Cloud System for Access Control and Attendance Tracking, with Personal NFC Cards and Rfid Reader (optional). The price is per year, per employee.

Tag in Cloud

2.50 € Min: 3 pieces

The Combination of NFC and Cloud Technology. Each Tag contains a link to a web page customizable by the customer. It does not require an app to be read.

0.00 €

Free service exclusively for Shop NFC customers. is a white label platform for NFC Tags remote management. info PLEASE NOTE: to use this additional service, you need to purchase some NFC Tags, of any type. Also, please select the exact number of NFC Tags to be programmed with the service.