Custom Printed On-Metal NFC Stickers

Custom Printed NFC Anti-metal stickers

Anti-metal NFC stickers with custom graphics, suitable for application on metal surfaces. Available in a wide choice of NFC chips. Express printing is quicker and intended for smaller quantities, while Offset printing requires greater min. order q.ty and longer production times.

Custom Printed NFC Stickers for Metals - Express

1.39 € Min: 30 pieces

As low as: 0.99 €/pz. for 500 pieces

Personalized NTAG21x Series NFC Stickers for Metal Surfaces. Express Printing, Universal Compatibility, Customizable Artwork. Round, Dimension Ø 29.5 mm info After completing the order, click here to submit your artwork.

On-Metal Steelwave HF 25x25mm NTAG213

1.09 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.49 €/pz. for 20000 pieces

Confidex NFC Anti-Metal Tags, characterized by excellent performance and resistance in hostile environments. Square, side 25mm, printable with resin ribbon.

Monochrome printing

0.05 € Min: 100 pieces

Optional service in addition to the purchase of NFC Stickers and NFC Cards. We can quickly print on adhesive Tags on Reel and on PVC Cards, in one color (typically black). info The colors red, green and blue are only available for certain stickers. If in doubt, please contact us before placing your order.After completing the order, click here to submit...

Resin Coated NFC Stickers for Metal Surfaces

1.41 € Min: 20 pieces

As low as: 0.99 €/pz. for 500 pieces

NFC Stickers coated with epoxy resin, to be applied also on metal surfaces. Suitable for outdoors. Can be printed with your logo. info After completing the order, click here to submit your artwork.