NFC Tags with NTAG210 Chip

NTAG210 is similar in user memory to MIFARE Ultralight® EV1, but it comes NDEF formatted so it's universally compatible with NFC-enabled Smartphones and Tablets. NTAG210 supoports password-protection and does not support scan counter; NTAG210μ supports scan counter, but does not support password-protection. Useful for short URLs and text, or where only UID is needed.

NFC Stickers NTAG210μ 13.5x21mm NFC Stickers NTAG210μ 13.5x21mm
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NFC Stickers NTAG210μ 13.5x21mm

0.49 € -8% 0.45 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.10 €/pz. for 10000 pieces

Clear NFC Tags with NXP NTAG210μ chip. Better perfomances. Universal compatibility. Memory of 48 bytes. Waterproof. Password-protectable.

Custom Printed Resin Coated NFC Stickers

1.43 € Min: 100 pieces

As low as: 1.29 €/pz. for 500 pieces

Round NFC Stickers coated with epoxy resin, personalized with your own Artwork. Universal Compatibility. Anti-metal layer on request. info After completing the order, click here to submit your artwork.

Flat NFC Keyring - Resin Coated

2.40 € Min: 150 pieces

As low as: 1.82 €/pz. for 2500 pieces

NFC Keyrings with custom printing, coated with epoxy resin. Available with embedded NTAG21X Chip, with universal compatibility.

Silicone NFC Keyring - Resin Coated

2.49 € Min: 150 pieces

As low as: 1.89 €/pz. for 2500 pieces

Silicone keyring with plastic plate. Custom four-color graphics, protected by epoxy resin. Available with NTAG210 or NTAG213 chips, with universal compatibility.

Custom Printed NFC Stickers - Express

0.95 € Min: 20 pieces

As low as: 0.59 €/pz. for 5000 pieces

NFC Stickers with NTAG213, NTAG216 and other Chips, with professional and durable CMYK color printing. We print up to 10,000 NFC Tags per hour. info After completing the order, click here to submit your artwork.