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On-Metal NFC Stickers without customization

On-Metal NFC Stickers without customization

Blank NFC Stickers specially made to be applied on metal surfaces. Available with several NFC Chips and different dimensions.

On-metal Round NFC Tags NTAG213 22mm

0.75 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.45 €/pz. for 4000 pieces

Flexible on-metal NFC stickers, suitable for application on metal surfaces. The NTAG213 Chip is compatible with all mobile devices equipped with NFC.

On-metal NFC Tags NTAG213 26.5x42mm

1.14 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.78 €/pz. for 5000 pieces

Thanks to the bigger size and the shape of the antenna, these rectangular NFC Tags have a better reading range than other Tags for metal surfaces.

On-Metal NFC Tags NTAG213 in PVC 30mm

1.29 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.97 €/pz. for 5000 pieces

Fully Waterproof and weatherproof Anti-Metal NFC Tags, made of PVC plastic, equipped with 3M 467 glue. Round 30mm, NTAG213 NFC Chip with Universal Compatibility. Ideal for any purpose.