NFC Starter Kits

Packs of mixed NFC Tags of various types, on special offer.

Kit of NFC Asset Tags

13.90 €

As low as: 11.12 €/pz. for 3 pieces

An 'asset pack' of assorted NFC Tags with the common feature of being durable and resistant in harsh environments. Ideal for making tests before a massive order.

Kit of NFC Cards

9.90 €

PVC White NFC Card Pack - 8 cards, with 7 different NFC chips. A kit also useful for testing the best chip for your solution. The cards are in the standard CR80 format.

Kit of 10 various NFC Tags

9.90 €

As low as: 7.92 €/pz. for 3 pieces

Special price starter kit with 10 NFC tags, with 5 different chips. Designed for those who want to test the functionality of different NFC chips.

Confidex NFC Kit

15.00 €

Starter Kit of NFC stickers produced by Confidex, ideal for industrial environments. Contains NFC Tags with NTAG213 and ICODE SLIX2 chips.