NFC Gadgets

NFC hang tags, NFC key fobs, NFC keyring, NFC pins, and other gadgets with NFC Tag inside. Customization available.

NFC Pins NTAG213 - Customizable

2.90 € Min: 3 pieces

As low as: 1.51 €/pz. for 100 pieces

Wearable Round Metal Pins with NFC chip integrated, NTAG213 is compatible with every NFC device. You can easily share info via NFC. For custom graphics, production takes approximately 3 weeks.

Forex PVC Panel 6x6cm with NFC Tag - Customizable

1.99 €

As low as: 1.49 €/pz. for 500 pieces

Adhesive Panels made of Forex PVC, equipped with NFC Tags, compatible with all devices, ideal for marketing use. Weatherproof, waterproof, printed with NFC logo, blue background. Dimensions: 6x6cm. For custom graphics, production takes approximately 3 weeks.

NFC Window Stickers

1.80 € Min: 300 pieces

As low as: 1.25 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

Promotional sticker for shop windows, with customized color printing. Integrated NTAG213 chip. The printed side coincides with the adhesive side. Made in Italy.

Custom NFC Pen NTAG213

1.49 € Min: 50 pieces

As low as: 1.39 €/pz. for 200 pieces

Ballpoint pen with integrated NFC Tag and custom graphics. The NTAG213 chip can contain a link and is compatible with all NFC smartphones.

Kit of NFC Gadgets

9.90 €

Kit of NFC Gadgets - 7 gadget, a mix of keyrings, pen, pins and handtag. A kit useful for testing the best solution for your needs.

Adhesive NFC Panel in Plexiglass - Customizable

3.50 €

As low as: 2.63 €/pz. for 500 pieces

White Plexiglass adhesive panel, equipped with NFC Tag, compatible with all devices. For marketing applications or for information signs, even outdoors. For custom graphics, production takes approximately 3 weeks.