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NFC Gadgets

NFC Gadgets, Keyfobs, Cable Ties, and other NFC items

NFC hang tags, NFC keyfobs, NFC keyring, NFC pins, and other gadgets with NFC Tag inside. Customization available.

NFC Keyrings - Low Cost

1.39 € Min: 10 pieces

NFC Keyrings (or Keyfobs) made of PVC, waterproof and durable, with embedded NFC Chip. Please choose the NFC Chip you prefer from the drop-down menu. Customizable with Silk Screen Printing.

As low as: 0.59 €/pz. for 5000 pieces

NFC Keyrings - Premium

1.99 € Min: 5 pieces

NFC Keyfobs made of durable ABS plastic, waterproof, IP66 certified. Custom printable in full color with special epoxy resin finish. 

As low as: 0.79 €/pz. for 5000 pieces

Waterproof NFC keyrings IP68

2.40 € Min: 5 pieces

Very thin NFC Keyfobs, made of sturdy glass fiber, which makes them tougher and IP68, even if thickness is only 2.2 mm. Can be customized with laser engraving.

As low as: 0.99 €/pz. for 10000 pieces

Custom NFC Keyring Ntag213

2.50 € Min: 150 pieces

NFC Keyrings with custom printing, coated with epoxy resin. Available in 2 different models, with an integrated Ntag213 Chip with universal compatibility.

As low as: 1.90 €/pz. for 2500 pieces

Custom NFC Pen Ntag216

1.50 € Min: 100 pieces

NFC Ballpoint Pen with NFC Tag embedded and custom printed layer. Ntag216 Chip has Universal Compatibility and 888 bytes of available memory.

As low as: 1.20 €/pz. for 2000 pieces

NFC Clips NTAG216

1.49 € Min: 10 pieces

NFC Paper Clips for your documents, equipped with NTAG216 chip, with 888 bytes of available memory and compatible with all NFC devices.

As low as: 0.99 €/pz. for 100 pieces