NFC Readers for Networks

NFC Readers for Networks

NFC Readers and Terminals with network connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, or 3G/4G mobile connection. These Readers are useful when it is necessary to make the NFC interact with a server or with other devices connected to the network.

Orbit IP - Ethernet NFC Reader

179.00 €

As low as: 166.47 €/pz. for 10 pieces

Orbit IP is an Ethernet-based contactless smart card reader for registration, time and attendance monitoring, and access control. It can also save data on SD card and switch a relay,

ACR900 - EMV Terminal - NFC mPOS

550.00 €

Handheld EMV terminal for credit card transactions, contactless or not. With Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G connectivity, and equipped with built-in printer and an expandable memory. MasterCard® PayPass™, Visa payWave®, Apple Pay® ready.

ACR330 - NFC Validator for transport

The ACR330 is designed specifically for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems, to offer the convenience of cashless payment in buses, ferries, trams, railways and other transportation modes. For more information, please contact us