NFC Readers for Networks

NFC Readers for Networks

NFC Readers and Terminals with network connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, or 3G/4G mobile connection. These Readers are useful when it is necessary to make the NFC interact with a server or with other devices connected to the network.

ACR900 - EMV Terminal - NFC mPOS

550.00 €

Handheld EMV terminal for credit card transactions, contactless or not. With Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G connectivity, and equipped with built-in printer and an expandable memory. MasterCard® PayPass™, Visa payWave®, Apple Pay® ready.

ACS ACR330 - EVK for NFC Validator

1 299.00 €

The ACR330 is designed specifically for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems, to offer the convenience of cashless payment in buses, ferries, trams, railways and other transportation modes.