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We provide NFC products of all kinds, worldwide, every day.

Launched in 2012, Shop NFC is now a landmark in Near Field Communication technology.

We rapidly deliver NFC Tags, Smart Cards, NFC Readers and Accessories of any type, even customized.

We select carefully our Suppliers and our Partners, in order to offer our Customer a High Quality Product.

We provide: Encoding, UID reading, Assistance.

ACR122U - NFC Reader/Writer

44.90 €

PC-linked contactless smart card and NFC Tags reader/writer, developed on the 13.56 MHz contactless technology.

On metal Round NFC Tags NTAG21x 29mm On metal Round NFC Tags NTAG21x 29mm
  • On sale!

On metal Round NFC Tags NTAG21x 29mm

0.89 €

NFC Tags with NTAG21x Chip, adhesive, 29mm round, that can be applied on metal surfaces.

NFC Stickers NTAG213 Round ø22mm

0.65 €

Clear NFC Tags with NXP NTAG213 chip. Better perfomances. Universal compatibility. Memory of 144 bytes. Waterproof. Password-protectable.

Temperature Sensor NFC Card

24.90 €

TT Sensor Plus™ is a temperature tracking sensor as thin as a card. You can access to temperature data with your Android device, through NFC.

Custom NFC Cards - Offset Printing

0.99 €

NFC Smart Cards in PVC with Chip of your choice, custom printed with Offset Quality. White PVC Cards, 85.60 x 53.98 mm, round corners.

Disposable NFC Wristbands NTAG21x - Customizable

0.85 €

Identification Disposable Bracelets with NTAG21x NFC Chip. Made of white PVC, waterproof, ideal for events, campings or gigs.

Industrial IP68 NFC Tags Ntag21x antimetal 34mm

2.90 €

The most resistant NFC Tag, for industrial use. IP68 certified, resistant up to 230°C. Totally waterproof and dustproof. Equipped with anti-metal layer.

Custom Printed NFC Stickers - Express

0.99 €

Personalized NFC Labels: choose dimensions, graphics, shape and NFC chip. Four-color printing. Printing on Polyester, Waterproof and Durable.

On-Metal NTAG21x Stickers with NFC Logo

1.04 €

Adhesive NFC Tags with NTAG21x chip, compatible with all devices, round, printed with NFC logo. They can be applied on metal surfaces.

Kit of 20 various NFC Tags

24.90 €

Premium Kit of 20 NFC Tags with different chip and shape, at a special price.

NFC Silicone Wristbands - Premium

2.49 €

Colored Silicone Bracelet with integrated NFC NTAG21x Chip, compatible with every device. Customizable with Silk Screen Printing.

Custom NFC Cards - Express Printing

1.79 €

NFC Smart Cards in PVC with Chip of your choice, printed with Re-transfer quality. White PVC Cards, 85.60 x 53.98 mm, round corners. Choose the chip from the drop-down menu.