Bluetooth® Low Energy

BLE Beacons and Gateways - RTLS Solutions

Beacons with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology and Gateways for the collection and processing of data from the various active Tags, also for real-time location systems (RTLS).

Bluetooth® v4.0+ allows smartphones, tablets and other devices called gateways to transmit or receive data in a limited distance, generally within several tens of meters. BLE systems consist of two elements: a Beacon, which sends the signals, and a device that receives and processes these signals.

Beacons are generally used for indoor applications in shops, offices, events, schools, hotels or shopping malls. One of the functions they can perform is that of real-time location system (RTLS), with an accuracy in the order of about ten centimeters.

There are also some types of beacons equipped with environmental sensors, capable of measuring temperature, humidity, and other parameters. These beacons are mainly used in industrial production, or storage, in logistics.