uFR Classic CS - NFC Reader/Writer

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NFC reader with proprietary firmware compatible with a huge variety of free libraries, tools, softwares SDK and APIs, with extensive documentation and frequent updates.


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The uFR Classic CS is a smaller version of the uFR Classic. It is a card-size reader that has a wide compatibility with all platforms, operating systems and programming languages. These features make it an extremely reliable and versatile NFC Reader, which can be adopted in many contexts.

Specifically, the libraries compiled for this reader are developed for the following platforms: Windows x86/x64 UWP, Linux x86/x64, Mac OSX x64, ARM/ARM HF and Arduino. Support for additional platforms can be developed upon request. The device is also available as OEM board for embedded systems.

For more information and for all tools, softwares, applications, and documentation, please visit the official D-Logic website.

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Technical Specificactions

OS Compatibility

The uFR Classic CS Reader is compatible with almost any platform equipped with a UART, RS232 or USB port, including:

  • Windows®
  • Mac OS®
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Raspbian
  • Beagle Board
  • MIPS boards
  • PLCs
  • Arduino
NFC Compatibility
  • ISO/IEC 14443-3 Type A/B
  • NFC Forum types 2 and 4
  • NTAG®
  • SmartMX® family
  • NXP MIFARE Classic® 
  • NXP MIFARE Plus®
  • NXP MIFARE Ultralight®
Free apps available for this Reader
  • Keyboard emulation, NFC memory reading, data analysis in different formats, and sending data to MySQL databases via HTTP
  • Applications for NFC encoding with the most common NDEF messages
  • Application for management of DESFire cards, including AES128 encryption
  • Web extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  • Examples of credit card use with reading public data
  • Shell as a simple test and automation environment
Operating Frequency 13.56 Mhz
Read/Write speed up to 424 kbps
Read/Write distance up to 60 mm (depending on Tag's antenna)
Dimensions 86 x 54 x 9 mm
Code examples are available for the following programming languages
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Lazarus
  • Borland Delphi
  • C++ Borland Builder
  • Microsoft® Visual .NET family: C++, C#, VB
  • Python
  • Arduino IDE

Data sheet

NFC Standard
ISO/IEC: 14443A/B, 18092
Commodity code (HS)
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