UID Reading

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Reference SE-LUID

Optional service in addition to the purchase of NFC Tags. We read all the Unique IDs (UID) of the Tags and send you via email. We offer this service also on NFC Tags provided by customer.


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Optional service in addition to the purchase of NFC. Each NFC Tag comes with a unique serial code (UID). This code is often paired with a user, or to an object, or another identifier, for various applications.

This service allows you to save time, getting all the UIDs in a single file.

UID format

By default, the UID is read in the hexadecimal format, no-reverse, no-spaces.

For example, the UID of an NTAG213 is read as follows: 0487a2b2b55180

To receive UIDs in different formats, please contact us in advance.


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