Smart Beacon Bluetooth Low Energy

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Beacon with Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE), powered by replaceable battery, compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone.


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BLE Beacon of small size, powered by a button battery, easily replaceable.

The Beacon can be used as Eddystone or iBeacon.

Eddystone version

Eddystone is an open-source protocol (created by Google) that allows you to send 3 types of transmission: UID, URL and TML. The most widely used is the Eddystone-URL format (backbone of the Physical Web project), which allows you to directly transmit a URL. For use as a user, then, is not necessary a specific app, but simply the generic Physical Web app or an updated version of Google Chrome.

Configurable features:

  • all parameters (mandatory and optional) provided by Eddystone-formed URL, namespace and instance ID for Eddystone-UID
  • advertising interval: 0.1 to 5 sec (with steps of 0.1 sec). Default: 1 sec
  • TX Power: lowest (20dBm), low (-12dBm), medium (-4dBm), high (4dBm). Default: Low

For more information, refer to the Google platform for Beacons and the Wikipedia page on Eddystone


iBeacon version

The iBeacon Protocol makes the Beacon configured to transmit its UUID (Universal Unique ID) and other data (major and minor), which are interpreted by a specific app to perform certain actions (such as displaying a notification to users). To use the iBeacon as a user, then, you must have an application that implements this function.

Configurable features:

  • UUID, major, minor, advertising interval, TX power, connectable/non-connectable, on/off, password
  • advertising interval: 0.1 to 1 sec (with steps of 0.1 sec). Default: 0.4 sec
  • TX Power: -40dBm, -30dBm, from -20dBm to 4 dBm (in steps of 4 dB). Default: -8dBm

iBeacon is an Apple trademark. For more information, refer to the Apple website on iBeacon, or Wikipedia's page on iBeacon


Technical characteristics of the Beacon

Compatibility with mobile devices

The Beacon is compatible with all mobile operating systems that support Bluetooth Low Energy v4.0 or higher. In particular:

  • iOS (7.0 and later, for IBeacon support CoreLocation)
  • Android (4.3 and later)
  • Windows Phone (8 and later)
  • Blackberry 10.



  • Version: 4.0 Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy)
  • Frequency: 2.402 to 2.480 GHz
  • Module: Nordic SoC nRF51822 (MCU and transceiver radio)
  • Antenna: PCB, Type F-meandered planar antenna



  • Replaceable: Yes
  • Model: CR2477 (typical 1000 mAh capacity at 25°C)
  • Operational life expected: from 4 months to 2.5 years, 24.7 at room temperature (dependent on advertising range, power and connectability TX)
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C to + 50 ° C



  • Material: ABS
  • White color
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 15 mm
  • Protection: IP40



  • CE (EU)
Maximum transmission range

Results are obtained in case of beacon and smartphone at 1.5 mt above ground, in LOS free-space condition.

+4 dBm 0 dBm -8 dBm -20 dBm
100 m 60 m 25 m 6 m

Estimate battery life

Battery type CR2477 (nominal capacity: 1000 mAh) - Expected operating life (in months), in relation to transmission power and frequency

0.1 sec 0.3 sec 0.5 sec 0.7 sec 1.0 sec 5.0 sec
0 dBm 6 17 24 30 36 58
-8 dBm 7 18 25 31 37 59
-20 dBm 8 19 27 33 39 60

Expected battery life-time is estimated assuming nominal battery capacity, self-discharge and ambient operating temperature. Batteries from different manufacturers can have different operating lives. Enabling Eddystone-EID and eTLM advertising reduce battery life-time of about 15/20%

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