Sunmi-ESL Electronic Labels Kit for Smart Shelves

Reference SUNMI-ESL

Developer kit to test SUNMI ESL. Contains: 3 ESL tags, 1 Sunmi L2 smartphone and 1 Access Point. Thanks to ESLs, the process of updating the product information on the shelf becomes fast, innovative, and interconnected.


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Kit Content

5 products:

  • SL121 5.4 cm label
  • SL126+ 6.6 cm label, down to -20°C
  • SL142+ 10.6 cm label, dustproof and waterproof (IP67) 
  • Access Point
  • Smartphone Android SUNMI L2 without Zebra scanner (with Sunmi OS)
  • Technical assistance

Integration with your own management system

The ESL tags are mapped via the SUNMI L2 Android device equipped with the Sunmi OS (with dedicated app), and added to the SUNMI managment system. SUNMI provides a management software to change the information shown on the labels automatically and massively. The SUNMI management software is equipped with APIs that allow communication between the own internal management system and the SUNMI one in a quick and intuitive way.

Check out the API integration and configuration guide

Fast and dynamic information change

It will be enough to change the information we want to display on our management system and communicate it to the SUNMI platform to view the updated information on all our labels in a few minutes. This involves much faster times for the operator who has to change the prices or information on the labels. It is also possible to update the labels individually via the SUNMI L2 device. 

Electronic ink

All electronic data is displayed via electronic ink, which guarantees almost zero battery consumption, with an estimated duration of 5 years. The electronic ink can be in color and can be supported by a bright LED.

Electronic labels

ESLs are available in different designs and formats:

  • SL121 with 2.13 inch display
  • SL126 with 2.6 inch display
  • SL126+ with 2.6-inch display, for freezers, resists down to -20°C
  • SL142 with 4.2 inch display
  • SL142+ with 4.2 inch display, IP67, waterproof and dustproof
  • SL175 with 7.5 inch display

Access Point

The Access Point (AP) can interact, and therefore update simultaneously, up to 10,000 ESLs; for larger quantities, another AP will be needed. In addition, the AP covers an area with a radius of 25 meters - for larger areas, additional APs are required.




Technical Specifications of the Electronic Shelf Labels and the Access Point

Download (134.72k)

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