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Free service exclusively for Shop NFC customers. is a white label platform for NFC Tags remote management.

info PLEASE NOTE: to use this additional service, you need to purchase some NFC Tags, of any type. Also, please select the exact number of NFC Tags to be programmed with the service.


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Imagine being able to modify the link to which a Tag refers without having it physically in hand. Imagine having to program thousands of tags, divided by type. Imagine that maybe in a month you should reprogram them with a different link. allows you to do all this for free, in seconds and with just a few clicks.

How does it work

The service is free in combination with the purchase of NFC tags. Each Tag is programmed with a unique link that is managed via a web control panel. The customer, by logging in, can easily select a certain number of tags and assign them a specific function, which can also be changed later, always remotely. To facilitate the identification of tags by an operator, they are also printed with a code associated with the unique link.

Key benefits

  • Remote management of tens of thousands of NFC tags
  • Completely free for Shop NFC customers
  • White label (no reference to Shop NFC)
  • User-friendly interface

Advanced performance

To guarantee reliability, speed and security to, we have chosen the best. The service is hosted by Amazon AWS servers and uses NoSQL databases.

Function 1 - Redirect

The Redirect function of allows you to massively manage small and huge quantities of tags, modifying the link that is opened in the browser when the tag is scanned with a smartphone. This function is particularly useful for managing marketing campaigns, where it is necessary to modify the destination of a link without necessarily having to withdraw the tags used previously.

Function 2 - Tag Tamper

The's "Tag Tamper" function is available for all NFC tags with NTAG213 TT chip. These chips, in fact, are able to detect if they have been tampered and, if so, return a message different from the initial one. Programming an NTAG213 TT chip is usually a cumbersome, time-consuming process. With, on the other hand, it is possible to remotely manage the programming of large quantities of tags, both for the main message and for the message after tampering.

Coming soon

  • "Anti-counterfeit" encoding for NTAG4xx DNA
  • "Tag in cloud" encoding

Please note

The advantage of is based on the fact that you can edit the destination of its link, massively and without physically having the Tag in hands. Leaving the memory rewritable, or even open to adding new NDEF records, could compromise its main function. As a result, the Tag's memory is locked.


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