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uFR Nano Online - NFC Reader with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

98.00 €

Wireless NFC reader with WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, UART, RS232, USB, I/O connectivity. It supports HTTP POST, TCP/IP and UDP protocols as well as Bluetooth Serial, HID, BLE protocols.

It is equipped with Real Time Clock (RTC) and works as a Wi-Fi repeater too.


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The wireless reader uFR Nano Online is a multi-platform NFC reader/writer, which can be used with all major operating systems and on the most common hardware platforms. It supports HTTP POST, TCP/IP and UDP protocols as well as Bluetooth Serial, HID, BLE protocols.

The reader supports different modes, which can be updated independently by downloading the corresponding firmware (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).

By default, the reader is sent with a micro-USB connector and without Ethernet. The version with RS232 connector (UART TTL) and/or Ethernet (with or without PoE) is also available. For versions other than the default one, please contact us in advance.

Main benefits

  • Easy connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Sending HTTP POST requests
  • Sending UDP broadcasts
  • Wi-Fi repeater
  • TCP/IP communication
  • Keyboard input via Bluetooth HID mode.
  • Write code directly inside the device. Make device standalone.
  • Use device on a remote location (no PC host required).

Main characteristics

  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity
  • RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • External EEPROM
  • User-controllable acoustic signal
  • RGB LEDs
  • 6-pin I/O port (3 pins for input/output, 2 pins for input only and 1 pin for output)
  • Dimensions: 86 x 27 x 10 mm.

Useful links

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Data sheet

NFC Standard
ISO/IEC: 14443A/B, 18092
Commodity code (HS)

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