Lab ID Kit - Dual Frequency NFC/UHF Tags

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Reference KIT-LABID

Kit containing the new dual frequency NFC+RAIN Tags. Tags in this kit are configured in essential and crypto configuration in order to test the best solution for you.


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The Dual Frequency RFID HF+UHF Tags in this kit are equipped with the em|echo-V (EM4425) chip, supporting ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 1, NFC Forum Type 5 Tag, ISO/IEC18000-63, EPCTM Gen2v2, and ISO/IEC 29167-10. 

This brand new dual frequency tags can be configured in multiple ways, so your tag can be adapted to different uses.

In this kit the tags are programmed with two standard configuration: essential and crypto.

Essential Configuration

The essential configuration is the perfect configuration to test the functions of dual frequency. The combination of RAIN RFID and NFC allows companies to have a tag that put together this two technologies on a single chip, with a common UID and shared memory.


  • You can read and write the IC memory by smartphone-enabled and UHF readers
  • You can program the tag through UHF and NFC
  • The reading distance is increased thanks to the ISO 15693 protocol (NFC forum type 5)


  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Customer engagement, coupons, loyalty programs
  • Automotive, industrial and areospace logistics

Crypto Configuration

The crypto configuration adds the crypto function to the essential features and applications. Thanks to crypto function you can test the web authentication and the brand protection applications.


  • AES-128 crypto for NFC OTP web based authentication


  • Web authentication, customer engagement through exclusive channels

Kit Content

8 tags:

  • B36 label - 33x16
  • DF426 label - 33x54
  • DF5319 label - 59x22
  • DF4021 label - 44x25
  • DF2912 label - 33x16
  • DF106 label - 88x30
  • DF4228 label - 49x31
  • DJ LAB ID 2020 - wet inlay 61x33

Data sheet

NFC Chip
Read/Write endurance
100,000 cycles
Data retention
50 years
Commodity code (HS)

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