Solution for tracing and preventing infections

Reference BLE-CTS

Plug & Play hardware and software solution for tracking physical contacts and preventing infections. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Implement a Data Driven Contact Tracing Solution to Combat the Spread of Infectious Diseases

Healthcare organizations can efficiently monitor interactions by digitally accounting for:

  • Patient movements within the facility
  • Encounters with other people

Enables organizations to:

  • Determine potential exposures
  • Quickly react to minimize the spread of disease

The Kit Includes

  • Bluzone Cloud - SaaS based platform to manage beacon fleet, provisioning and real-time dashboards on movement and zones
  • Prompt.Health Workflow RT Software – Patient, staff, and medical equipment location and contact reporting
  • 100 BEEKs™ Badges - Active BLE credential provides location services with proximity location. Compliments other staffing credentials and physical access controls by HID
  • 10 BluFi™ Gateways - Simple installation using Bluetooth to cellular or Wi-Fi to easily connect to Bluzone Cloud
  • Cellular & Gateway – provides stand-alone connectivity for rapid deployment
  • 24/7 Support

How does the solution work?

  • Fast set up using real-time location hardware and secure cloud software that allows the solution to be up and running within hours
  • Monitor Patients & Staff using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled credentials pre-provisioned to each staff member and patient
  • Create “Safe Zones” using geofences and send instant alerts when people move outside of designated areas
  • Access to real-time analytics that includes location within defined zones, contact type and contact duration within seconds (including start & end times) for each patient visit
  • Standalone connectivity using BLE over cellular network and mobile devices minimizes disruption of service. No additional infrastructure, hardware or network wiring makes field triage areas easy to deploy


Contact Tracing Solution

Data Driven Solution to Track the Spread of Infectious Diseases - Brochure

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