White NFC Stickers

White NFC Stickers

With NFC stickers, without customization. These NFC Labels are white, available in several sizes and shapes. Please note that the bigger the antenna, the better the read range. We can print on these stickers, both in B/W and CMYK mode.

Tamper Proof NFC Stickers NTAG213 52x52mm

1.10 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.85 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

A Tamper Proof NFC Sticker can only be applied once. Its antenna breaks when attempting to remove it. NXP NTAG213 Chips have universal compatibility with NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets.

NFC Stickers 1k 25mm

0.87 € Min: 500 pieces

As low as: 0.33 €/pz. for 5000 pieces

Adhesive Paper NFC Tags with 3M glue and 1k Chip. NFC Sticker Tags, blank, dimensions of your choice. Glossy finish. 13.56MHz ISO 14443-A.

NFC Stickers NTAG213 Round ø25mm

0.69 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.19 €/pz. for 10000 pieces

White NFC Tags with NXP NTAG213 chip. Better perfomances. Universal compatibility. Memory of 144 bytes. Waterproof. Password-protectable.