NFC for Marketing

NFC Products for Marketing

NFC Tags can be a powerful marketing tool. Check the NFC marketing solutions.

White Tamper Loop NFC Stickers NTAG213 TT

0.80 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.26 €/pz. for 10000 pieces

The new NTAG213TT chip supports the "Tag Tamper" feature: it can detect whether a tag has been tampered with and return a different message. Printable with resin ribbon.

NFC Satin Tag NTAG213 30x30mm for textile surfaces

0.89 € Min: 10 pieces

As low as: 0.43 €/pz. for 5000 pieces

Flexible and adhesive NFC label, specifically designed for textile surfaces. With copper antenna, resistant and performing. Printable with resin ribbon. info After completing the order, click here to submit your artwork.

Custom Printed NFC Stickers - Premium Express

0.95 € Min: 30 pieces

As low as: 0.30 €/pz. for 10000 pieces

NFC Stickers with NTAG213, NTAG216 and other Chips, color printed and laminated with glossy finish. Customizable stickers size. info After completing the order, click here to submit your artwork.

Custom NFC Pen NTAG213

1.49 € Min: 50 pieces

As low as: 1.39 €/pz. for 200 pieces

Ballpoint pen with integrated NFC Tag and custom graphics. The NTAG213 chip can contain a link and is compatible with all NFC smartphones.

NFC Window Stickers

1.80 € Min: 300 pieces

As low as: 1.25 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

Promotional sticker for shop windows, with customized color printing. Integrated NTAG213 chip. The printed side coincides with the adhesive side. Made in Italy.

Kit of NFC Gadgets

9.90 €

Kit of NFC Gadgets - 7 gadget, a mix of keyrings, pen, pins and handtag. A kit useful for testing the best solution for your needs.

100 NFC Business Cards

169.00 €

As low as: 94.00 €/pz. for 10 pieces

NFC Business Cards with NTAG21x Chip, with Universal Compatibility. Ideal for a link or a V-Card. Printing on both sides.