NFC On-Metal Tags NTAG213/6 mit NFC Logo

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Adhesive NFC Tags with NTAG21x chip, compatible with all devices, round, printed with NFC logo. They can be applied on metal surfaces.

NFC Chip


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Graphic personalization

NFC Tags are printed with NFC logo on coloured background. You can choose the backgroud color, among those in the picture, or by telling us the colour you prefer. You can choose a different colour for each Tag you purchase.
You may be interested in a Custom Print NFC Sticker.


The NFC Tag with NTAG21x  chip are compatible with all devices.
  • Round, with a diameter of 29/32 mm (depending on model) and thickness of about 2 mm
  • You can use them on metal surfaces
  • Sticky paper
  • New
  • Empty, without any data
  • Available memory of:
    • 144 Bytes (NTAG213)
    • 888 bytes (NTAG216)


  • Private use (place tag in your home, office, car, to enable security settings or programs)
  • Marketing (on postcards, advertisements, posters , tickets, to communicate information and promo)
  • Company (access control, products etc.)
  • Social (tags, geolocation, video, web, etc.)

All tags have been tested before sending.

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Technische Daten

ISO/IEC 14443-A
Universelle Kompatibilität
UID (eindeutige ID)
7 bytes
Block mit Passwort
Funktioniert auf Metall
Waterproof level
Rain and spray

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