NFC Card Sensor Temperatur

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TT Sensor Plus™ is a temperature tracking sensor as thin as a card. You can access to temperature data with your Android device, through NFC.


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Designed to replace more costly, bulky, device style data logger, TT Sensor Plus™ is a Temperature Monitoring System which records continuously (even every second) the environmental temperature.

You can easily set it and download temperature data through a specific Android app. We will send you the app after your purchase.


  • Pharmaceutical and medical
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemicals and polymers
  • Other temperature-sensitive goods

Technical Specifications


85 x 54 mm
Thickness: about 1.5 mm 

Measured temperature range from -20 to 50°C (from -4 to 122°F)
Temperature resolution 0.01° C 
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5°C
Max. acquisitions 762
Acquisition rate From 1 second up, 1-second steps
Shelf life 1 year
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