Kit von gemischten NFC Tags (20 Tags)

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Premium Kit of 20 NFC Tags with different chip and shape, at a special price.


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The package contains (updated on January 26, 2018):

2 Stickers NTAG210
2 Stickers NTAG213
2 Stickers NTAG216
2 Cards NTAG213
1 PVC Sticker NTAG213
1 Anti-metal Sticker NTAG213
1 Hang Tag NTAG213
1 Card NXP MIFARE Ultralight® EV1
1 Card NXP MIFARE Classic® 1K EV1
1 PVC Sticker 1k
1 Card 1k
1 Keyring 1k
1 Color-printed NFC Sticker
1 Color-printed Anti-metal Sticker
1 NFC Wristband


For different kits, please contact us.

All our NFC Tags are tested before shipping. NFC Tags are new, empty and rewritable.

Potential applications:

  • personal use (place Tags in your car, at office, at home, on the bedside, in order to launch apps or enable/disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • marketing (on flyers, postcards, posters, advertising, etc.)
  • business (accesses control, tracking, check-in, etc.)
  • social network (to "Like" a Facebook page, "Check-in" on FourSquare, post a Tweet, etc.)
  • contacts (to send an email or a SMS, start a call, share a V-Card)
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