Famoco Mobile Device Management

Famoco MDM is the web control panel to manage all your Famoco devices.

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Famoco MDM is the platform to easily manage your Famoco devices.

Through the Famoco MDM you can upload your app and push it to the selected devices. It's very useful for updates or changes of application, because you can update at once all the involved devices. Famoco MDM also allows you to manage device profies and to create fleets of devices, in order to easily update your settings.

By default, Famoco devices sold on Shop NFC come with a Freemium License activated. Please note that the devices added on a Famoco MDM account must have the same bundle.

The price is meant as annual price for each device to be managed by Famoco MDM.

Famoco MDM License Standard Advanced Enterprise
Max Fleet number

Max APK number
Device history
Geotracking Beta
Monitoring & alerts
Price per device/year € 24,00 € 36,00 € 48,00

The max. number of APK (Android application) is related to the single device.

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